A Metal Refinery in an industry room

The Metal Refinery is a foundry able to process base ores into usefull alloys.

Game SystemEdit

The Metal Refinery is an industry structure that transforms ores into usefull alloys. Currently, it is only able to refine Base Metals and Carbon into Steel Plates.

The structure is built when the Player wish to be self-sufficient. Having his own production machine allow him to be less dependent, if no more, on trading and salvaging for Steel Plates supply.


The Metal Refinery's only uses is the production of Steel Plates. Having one is needed for self-sufficiency, as Steel Plates are required for all construction blocks assembling.

However it is not a critical structure, be sure to have everything needed for survival before willing to have a full production chain.

The Metal Refinery produces hazardous gases and generates a lot of heat when working, despite this, if built early, it is advised to not enclose it too soon as it is a waste of space.

Although the description state that crew members should work on the Metal Refinery with spacesuits for safe working conditions, crew members can actually work on it without wearing one and thus be efficient as they don't suffer from spacesuits maluses.

Be sure to have the right number of Gas Scrubber ( 2 well placed can handle all factories gases exhausts ) and enough Temperature Regulators for the ship to remains in a temperate state. This way, crew will be able to work on it at full efficiency without the suit and without health problems.

A working Metal Refinery consume up to 20/s of power. It is advised to have some Power Capacity Nodes on the ship for the process to remain constant, otherwise the consumption could lead to power shortages on the ship and slow down the machine.


The following is the recipe the Metal Refinery is able to complete.

Steel PlatesEdit


It takes 0.2 Base Metals and 0.2 Carbon to make 1 Steel Plate



The Metal Refinery needs a 4x3 tile floor area to be built.

Metal Refinery Footprint


The Metal Refinery requires the following to be built :

Infrablocks 4
Techblocks 2
Building Tools 60


Refining with the Metal Refinery produce a few of Hazardous Gases and increase local temperature.

The structure affects its surrounding, reducing comfort by -60. This reduction itself reduces by 5 each tiles away from the Metal Refinery's center.

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