Space Haven features a variety of factions that the player will interact with on their journey through space. Each faction has a storied history and a set of beliefs that determine their attitude toward the player, whether friendly, neutral, or antagonistic.

In order to trade with most factions, the player must negotiate a trade agreement with them.

List of factionsEdit

  • The Android Collective is a group of synthetic humanoids who peacefully defected from humanity.
  • The Haven Foundation, also known simply as civilians, is a mix of explorers, refugees and settlers searching for a new planet to call home.
  • The Cult of New Haven is a religious sect that believes humanity does not belong on a planet and should remain in space.
  • The Merchant Federation is a group of honest, law-abiding traders simply looking to make a living. Trading with the Merchant Federation is easier than trading with other factions.
  • The Military Alliance is a peacekeeping coalition of Earth's former national armed services.
  • The Pirates Coalition is a loose coalition of desperate merchants driven to cruelty and anarchy.
  • The Slavers Guild is a group of callous merchants who view fellow humans as a commodity.
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