The player's ship in Space Haven contains facilities that the characters will use to control the ship and its functions. These facilities range from power to weapons to industry.


  • Hull Stabilizer - A Hull Stabilizer reinforces the spaceship's frame, strengthening it and generally improving structural integrity. Multiple Stabilizers can work in unison to bolster the hull far beyond its normal limits.
  • Shields Console - The Shields Console is used to operate the ship's shield systems. One console can manage all shield emitters, so long as it is manned by a crew member.
  • Hyperdrive - The spaceship hyperdrive. This module combined with a bridge enables the spaceship to hyperjump between solar system areas. Needs a crew member to operate.
  • Operations Console - The operations console is used to hail other spaceships and communicate with their crew. It is also used to control scanner modules. Needs crew member to operate.
  • Weapons Console - The weapons console is used to control the various turrets of the spaceship. One console is capable of controlling all turrets in the spaceship, as long as a crew member is stationed at the console.
  • Navigation Console - This navigation console combined with a hyperdrive enables the spaceship to hyperjump between solar system areas. Needs a crew member to operate.

Weapon SystemsEdit

  • Energy Turret - This turret fires a pulse of concentrated energy at a target, stripping its shields and damaging its hull. Turrets are operated from the weapons console.
  • Shield Generator - Forms a continually regenerating protective energy shield around the ship. Uses power to recharge. Shield generators are controlled by the shields console.
  • Scanner - This scanner module can partially reveal the interior of another ship, and is controlled from the operations console. Scanning only works on ships and stations, which have functional power generation.


  • Assembler - This assembler produces basic construction components, including Soft block, Hull blocks and Infrablocks. Enclose with walls to reduce noise and discomfort.
  • Advanced Assembler - This advanced assembler facility is capable of producing high-tech construction components, such as tech blocks and energy blocks. Enclose with walls to reduce noise levels.
  • Composter - This composter recycles organic waste materials into water and useful materials.
  • Electronic Fabricator - Transforms noble metal and base metals to electronic parts. Releases hazardous gas and is noisy. Enclose with walls and a space suit door to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Energy Refinery - Transforms energy crystal into energy rods and raw hyperium into hyperfuel. Releases hazardous gas and is noisy. Enclose with walls and a space suit door to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Chemical Refinery - Used to produce refined chemicals. Releases hazardous gas and is noisy. Enclose with walls and a space suit door to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Metal Refinery - Transforms carbon and base metals to steel plates. Releases heat and is noisy. Enclose with walls and a space suit door to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Recycler - Transforms scrap materials into a variety of usable resources. Releases heat and is noisy. Enclose with walls and a spacesuit door to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Micro-Weaver - The Micro-Weaver creates fabrics from fibers. Does not release harmful gases when operating.
  • Optronics Fabricator - The high-tech Optronics Fabricator is capable of producing optronic components. Enclose with walls to reduce noise and discomfort.
  • Cell Fuser - The Cell Fuser uses electronic components and energy rods to create energy cells. Enclose with walls to reduce noise and discomfort.
  • Tools Facility - Creates build tools for your crew members. Essential for building.
  • Water Collector - Transforms water vapors back to liquid water, essential for many life forms.
  • Water Purifier - Transforms ice into purified water, essential for many life forms.
  • Large Storage - Universal cargo storage, suitable for storing all raw and refined resources, as well as weapons and other commodities.

Hangars & AirlocksEdit

  • Shuttle Hangar - This shuttle hangar acts as a home hangar for one of your shuttles. It can also construct new shuttles if it is not already reserved for an existing shuttle.
  • Pod Hangar - Acts as a home hangar for one of your miners or other pod vessels. It can also construct new pods as long as it is not reserved for an existing pod.
  • X1 Airlock - Standard X1 model airlock to enable mining pods and shuttles to dock to your ship and unload cargo. Also used for crew missions.
  • Space Suit Locker - This space suit locker stores space suits for your crew members.

Walls & DoorsEdit

  • Space Suit Door - This space suit door enables a safe working environment. It allows crew members to put on a space suit when entering a hazardous area.
  • X1 Door - Standard X1 model door for purposes of creating rooms and privacy. Contains a built-in vent.
  • X1 Wall - Use this standard wall to partition your ship. Combine with doors to create rooms.


  • Generator - The beating heart of your ship. Transforms energy rods into power to supply other facilities. Link to free-standing and wall mounted pylons to distribute power throughout your spaceship.
  • Power Node - This power node will distribute power to facilities and lights within a radius. Open up the power view mode to see how the power grid is set up.
  • Power Capacity Node - This battery will store a limited amount of power to cover sudden bursts of power consumption, or power grid failures.

Life SupportEdit

  • Oxygen Generator - This oxygen generator produces oxygen and is essential for humans to survive on a spaceship. Needs water to operate.
  • Gas Scrubber - Hazardous gas scrubber. Removes CO2, smoke and toxic gases from the air. Needs only electricity to operate.
  • Thermal Regulator - The right temperature is essential for people to survive on a ship. This module will try to maintain a certain temperature that can be manually set.
  • Air Vent - This air vent component allows gas and temperature to pass through walls. It is great for creating more even and stable gas levels on your ship.

Crew FacilitiesEdit

  • Kitchen - This Kitchen will prepare finished meals from raw food. Place a table and chairs nearby to create a proper dining room for your crew members.
  • X1 Toilet - X1 multipurpose toilet. This toilet is hygienic and is capable of transforming human waste into usable water. Operated by a crew member.
  • Arcade Machine - This arcade machine allows crew members to play all of the great games created by backers of Space Haven. This machine is bound to lift up the mood.
  • Jukebox - This jukebox plays a huge selection of the all-time favorite human songs and lifts up the mood.


  • X1 Couch - Standard X1 model couch. Sometimes you need to sit down and relax a little.
  • Bed - A comfortable bed for your crew to sleep in. Gives better rest for your crew members than sleeping on the floor.
  • X1 Table - A standard X1 model kitchen table gives your crew a place to relax and eat. Combine with some chairs for best results.
  • Light - Creates light so that your crew members can see what they are doing. Light also increases comfort for your crew. Needs a small amount of power to operate.
  • X1 Chair - Standard X1 model chair. Place next to a table to give your crew a comfortable place to eat their meals.

Food ProductionEdit

  • CO2 Producer - Produces CO2 for plant growth. Needs carbon to operate.
  • Grow Bed - This miniaturized farm is used to grow crops. Requires water and suitable temperature, light and CO2 levels to operate. Works best in an enclosed room with a CO2 Producer.

Science FacilitiesEdit

  • Hypersleep Chamber - Capable of suspending the body’s autonomic functions while maintaining the health of each individual cell during stasis. Uses energy rods as resource.
  • Medical Bed - This bed is specially designed to tend to the wounds and illnesses of your crew. Build these to take better care of crew members, and enable your doctor to perform healing.
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