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Characters in Space Haven are the crew members on the player's spaceship. The player must keep each character in a good mood while they travel through space. Characters have needs, moods, health, and skills, and can develop relationships with each other. The conditions surrounding each character will affect their feelings and, ultimately, their efficiency on the spaceship.


Each character's mood is broken down into the following attributes. The player must balance these attributes to ensure a character is performing their task as best as they can

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Social
  • Health

Mood Icons Edit

When a characters mood changes an icon is shown. Currently this only occurs for Decreasing Moods

Alert O2 Using Personal Oxygen The character is not taking damage, but the blue oxygen bar is going down
Alert CO2 Breathing Carbon Dioxide Taking immediate damage from CO2
Alert Discomfort Discomfort Standing/Working in an uncomfortable tile
Alert Temperature Hypothermia / Hyperthermia Taking damage from "too hot" or "too cold"
Alert Smoke Smoke Inhalation
Alert Dark Darkness Working in the dark, increased accident rate

Activities Edit

A character is always in one of the following states

Crew Sleeping Sleeping
Crew Resting On Break
Crew Working Working Crew might be Idle if they have no job to do
Forced Work Forced Work Check the System Readiness Chart
Crew Drafted Drafted Select & Un-draft the Crewmember

Conditions Edit

Crew can also have the following longer-term conditions

Cond Unconsious Unconsious You can pick up and carry the Character with a Drafted Crewmember
Cond Alert Alert E.g. "I'm Too Tired to work", "Cannot Sleep", "No Safe path without spacesuit"
Crew Cond Warning Warning "Bad Environment, Catching my Breath"
Cond Starving Starving Ensure they have continuous access to food over a long time
Crew Spacesuit Accident Working in a Spacesuit Accident rate is increased, Decreased work rate

Needs Edit

Each character needs the following resources/conditions to survive

Oxygen Edit

A single crew-member consumes 300 oxygen per in game hour.

When wearing a suit characters will still breathe external atmosphere if it is safe, they will also replenish their oxygen tank.

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